Spring 2016: Preparing for an exhibition.

I was born in 1974 and grew up in Mysen, a small inland town in South East Norway. Today I live in a coastal village by the Oslo Fjord, Larkollen, with my husband, our two daughters, two dogs and a cat.

After briefly attending an art academy in Denmark, I chose to pursue a more theoretical path – and in 2003 I completed my Masters Degree (Hovedfag) in the History of Fine Arts. In between my teaching, journalism- and museum work, I have continued to draw and paint, and as of October 2015 I have been working full time as an artist.

Me, snooping around in "another man´s hive"...

Me, snooping around in “another man´s hive”…

Since beeswax is the main raw ingredient in my paintings, I started keeping bees in the spring of 2017. This enables me to gather and melt my own wax. I truly enjoy the many aspects of being an apiarist and tending to honey bee colonies: learning about the bees, harvesting the wax and the honey, and also to be able to spend a lot of time outdoors. An unexpected and very nice bonus, is that the beekeeping has turned into quite a little honey company, that the whole family is part of: